Pit Bulls
This page is for Hooch! He was a beautiful brindle pitbull that I had until I became pregnant with Katie. I worried that he'd be too much for me to handle with his pulling, and worried that he'd jump up to greet me and hit my stomach, or jump on the baby unknowlingly. His size was my only worry though, he was a big loveable, though clumsy, guy. So, a friend who had fallen in love with him took him. Before that though, the guy would come over JUST to see the dog, he'd take him out to his house for weekends etc. I knew he was in good hands, but they moved to Minnesota and I lost touch with him a few years ago. They came to visit when Katie was about a year old and I was able to take some pics of the two of them. Sorry if the pictures are dark.

Katie giving Hooch a kiss

Katie playing peek-a-boo, Hooch wondering why I keep flashing a bright light at them.

My two babies tired out from playing lay together for a nap. Even as little as she is, she thought it was funny that he used her as a pillow.

Well...there's my two big mean pitbulls. I see sites out there warning not to have pitbulls, or pitbull mixes in houses with kids or other dogs, but they don't differentiate that this applies to mean ones. I hope the loving pits out there don't miss out on all the family love that my dogs have gotten just because some people, even a certain so-called "pitbull rescue", have biases against them. Not all were bred for bad temperament, most are generally very loving big lugs!

See Breed Rescues or the main page of Katz Dawgs & other Critters for pitbull links and rescues and shelters. Most rescue's spend time with the dogs in their care and can tell you the temperament of a dog, and how it is around kids and other pets before you adopt. If it has come from a fighting rescue, it may be aggressive, but most extremely aggressive pits are put down, to keep themselves and others from's not their fault that they were bred and treated badly, but please don't hold it against an entire breed.

One last point...the majority people in the US think it would be horrible and evil to destroy terrorist countries, even though a lot of the people in that country would prefer us all to be dead, because there are still many people in that country who are innocent and would never wish us harm.
It just reminds me of breed banning/destroying. If they had these bans and destroy orders on pitbulls in place 10 years children would've missed out on all the moments in the pictures you just saw, and many many more happy moments with their best buddies. It wouldn't be fair to the kids, or the dogs.

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