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Quick List -Keep in mind, many have access to Archives and other state's records as well. And, some of the state categories have 2 researchers listed.
Genealogy Researcher's List

ENGLAND -Multiple Researchers

England #1

General Reasearch In England & USA

I am not a professional researcher; but I have 35 yrs of general research experience with English records and US records. I have taught family History classes and served as a Family History Consultant for the LDS Church for a total of 5 yrs. I live in Roy, Utah, just 40 minutes north of Salt Lake City, and all the records afforded by the LDS Church.

My fees are $15 per hr, with a four hour minimum. Cost of copying and certificates are extra and always an option.

I keep complete and accurate research records which will be available to you via email.

I know I can help you to extend your lines and look forward to working with you.


England #2

Dorset and Hampshire areas...

Sue Newman BA: History Researcher

If you are looking for ancestors or other local history information in my area I should be able to help you.

I specialise in Christchurch, Dorset, UK, where we have extensive records and archives to consult of a very varied nature. There is, for instance, a run of The Christchurch Times from 1855 to present day for consultation, and I hold the database of entries on Christchurch from regional newspapers before 1855, commencing 1740. Other records include the parish registers, directories, maps, diaries, account books, deeds, photographs, memorial inscriptions etc.

I can reach both Dorset and Hampshire Record Offices, where Christchurch records are also kept (Christchurch was in the latter county until 1974) and also can research information relating to other areas within these two counties.

I am currently Vice-Chair of the Christchurch Local History Society, an author of four local history publications and another in preparation, and have special interest in the Poor Law. I have priviledged access to workhouse material held on microfilm locally concerning recipients of poor relief from the early 18th century. I have similar priviledged access to a private collection.

I have been an active researcher in Christchurch history for about twelve years and have dealt with a wide range of enquiries in that time. I have good contacts at the local and county level.

More information is available on my website on My hourly rate is 10 per hour. -Sue Newman
2 Magdalen Lane
Christchurch, Dorset, UK
BH23 1PH

1 year Member

England #3


I am an avid amateur researcher, but have been researching genealogical records for two years now.

I specialize in records from the Record Office in London, England. I am able to travel to London to find certificates, or research the census that is there. My hourly rate is 10 per hour (about $15.85 US). I am happy to just order your certificates, or do look-ups, 10 years either side of your date.

I live in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire in the UK, so would be happy to research locally too.

Please feel free to e-mail me for any other charges and I'd be glad to help you out.

Email - Tarina Rowley.

1 year Member



I am a professional researcher, covering the "Whole of Scotland" but with special interest in the North Eastern Counties of Aberdeenshire, Kincardineshire, Angus (was Forfarshire), Fife & Perthshire. I have been involved in Genealogy research for approximately twenty years. I regularly complete research at the Scottish Records Office, Edinburgh, where certain information can only be obtained by means of personal search. Charges for an individual search are as follows. From 1855 to 1998 - $8 (US) - Old Parish Records (prior to 1855) $10. All work is guaranteed accurate and only obtained from "Official Records".
Complete family tree services are available along with photography of property and headstones. If in doubt, contact me, estimates and advice are always free.
Nick Moir

3 year Member



    I am a Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists with over 20 years experience. My aim is to provide family research help at a reasonable rate. Initial consultation is free. I charge a moderate fee of $12.00 per hour for research time and preparation of reports. Expenses are additional (copies of documents, scanned images, microfilm rental fees, etc.).
    I do general research in USA records including Census, Vital Records, Land, Probate and have access to many databases. Locally, I specialize in Martin County, Florida. I provide enthusiast research of your genealogical problem in a time-efficient manner.

Karen Peterson

1 year member

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -Family History Center and Library Specialist

I am an accomplished genealogist with more than 35 years of research experience. I have, also, taught classes on how to create databases and to do research for more than 10 years, and have helped many people break through those frustrating "brick walls". I do volunteer work at our local Family History Center. I live in Highland, UT which is within 30 minutes of the Salt Lake City Family History Library, where I do most of my research. I can do research in whatever state your ancestors have lived. The Salt Lake City Family History Library has vital records (birth, marriage, death), for all states and most countries. I can search for the records in family biographies there as well as look in wills, estates, tax and land records, and county and city histories. The library also has the Federal Census Records for the years 1790-1930 for most states as well as census, vital and probate records for Canada. There are parish records back to 1500 for England and records for various countries in Europe as well as other countries.

My fee is $15 an hour plus copy costs. I will fax, email or send the information I find for you and keep in touch while I'm researching. I will be happy to do as little as one lookup, or research in all records available for your family. Whatever you need, I will do my best to find the information for you! At your request, I will be happy to create a database as I put the family members together so you will be able to print out family group records and pedigree charts. I always list my sources as well as any pertinent notes. I would love to help you find your ancestors and to help you create your family tree!

Please contact me at for further information or questions!

1 year member

Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Colorado and other states

Professional Genealogist will provide you with assistance in creating your family tree. I have extensive experience in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Colorado but I will do work in any state and provide you with many interesting facts about your family. I will send you census images, military and marriage records if they can be obtained for your relative. I will send you a detailed pedigree chart hopefully going back to your Immigrating ancestor.
Email me with the name you wish to research, the location they lived and an approximate birth and death date and I will give you a free analysis and estimate of time required to research your family tree.
Email Gayle Watson at to get started getting to know your ancestors and preserve your family tree for future generations.

1 year member

Jewish Genealogy Research

As a professional genealogist I specialize in and have a passion for helping others trace their Jewish roots from Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire to America. As a graduate of Columbia University with a Master's Degree in Social Work ('81), I now use my social work experience when assisting people with research and compiling details of their family histories.
Research services include ship passenger lists, census records, vital records, naturalizations, city directories and help for beginners. I have regular access to an LDS Family History Center and National Archives, Northeast Region.
My fee is $24 per hour. Additional costs include microfilm rentals, photocopies and postage.

For further information please contact:
Marian Levine McClellan
Woodstock, NY

Member of:
Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)
Jewish Genealogical Society of the Capital District (JGSCD)
New York Genealogical & Biographical Society (NYGBS)

1 year member


R.J. Oltmanns in Nebraska is experienced with various records in numerous states. He has access to census records in over 30 states in many different years and his list is continually growing. He also has access to marriage records for many Iowa and Nebraska counties and a few in Illinois. In addition, he does look-ups on Dutch and German (where he found two of my Immigrant ancestors that I was unable to find) ship records and also Civil War Veterans and Widows.
His rates are some of the lowest I've seen so far and he only charges when he finds a person. For more information on his rates and services, and a detailed list of the states and counties he has access to, check his homepage for more one what he has access to, or email him at census2@AOL.COM directly.

1 year member



    Need research help in the World's Best Genealogy Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, do you need research help in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas or ANYWHERE? I do research ANYWHERE ANYTIME! Please e-mail me if you need more specific research prices, than these? I will search ANY county's census from 1790-1840 for up to five for fifteen dollars per county, or three counties for thirty-five dollars, I will search ANY county's census from 1850 to 1870 for twenty-five per county, or three counties for sixty-five dollars, I will search any county's census from 1880 to 1910 for thirty-five dollars per county or three counties for eighty-five dollars. NOW, as far as county records searches go I can search any county's early transcribed records for up to five names for thirty-five dollars per county or four counties for one-hundred twenty-five dollars. These prices can go down, but they cannot go up, Unless you do not tell me that you saw THIS ad! NOW, do you Need Guaranteed research? I have all sorts of Rev. War and War of 1812 Records. Depending on what you need done, I can search these records AND GUARANTEE MOST people 1500s-1600s time period ancestry for a total of three-hundred ninety-five dollars. OVER 70% of the time THIS gives the person I am doing the research for, at least One Royal Ancestor, at NO additional charge! ALL of my prices include copies and postage! IF I can help you in ANY way, please let me know!

Ted Lane
226a Haversham Dr.
Birmingham, AL, 35215

3 year member


Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties

Member APG
    Going on 15 years I have been nothing short of Genealogically Obsessed! No search is too daunting. Based in Oakland, CA, I have access to the Sutro Library, National Archives, LDS facilities, and the Oakland Public Library and History Room.
    Outside of California, I have extensive experience with New England research, North Carolina & New York. Ethnic exerience includes Jewish, African-American, Swedish, and German. I am experienced in reading old English scripts from the 17th and 18th centuries, Gothic German, and transcription of Russian.
    I charge $15 / hour plus expenses (mileage @ $.445 / mi., copies and document fees at my cost).
    Past or present member of APG, NEHGS, NYGBS, California Genealogical Society, Weld County (CO) Genealogical Society, Cloud County (KS) Genealogical Society, Forsyth County (NC) Genealogical Society, Bartholomew County (IN) Genealogical Society.

Visit my web page:
Or contact me directly:

1 year member


EXPIRED - Connecticut needs a new researcher!
See "NEW ENGLAND" for another researcher specializing in this state.


If you are looking for ancestors or other local history information in my area I can help. I specialize in Central Florida area research and also Washington DC area research. I have access to one of the best genealogy libraries in Florida. They have Florida vital records indexes, major city directories, local obituary index, books for every state, Canada and many other countries, complete Federal Census records, Immigration records and newspaper archives for the Central Florida area. Research in Washington DC is performed by an associate.

I can also organize your genealogical records, create Family Tree's, Family Group Sheets, Genealogical Reports and take photographs.

I charge $15 per hour plus expenses.

My website is: To email Barbara.

1 year member


Grundy, Will, Livingston Counties

North Central Illinois Researcher

Records research available in Grundy, Will and Livingston counties.
If you have a need to obtain copies of Vital Records, regardless of the fact that you know very little about the person/family and do not have access to courthouses in these localities, I can help. I have a very reasonable fee schedule and do not charge per hour; charges are incurred only if requested records are found.

Please visit my web page at

Best of Luck in your Quest and have a wonderful day!
M. E. Davis

*Also note, from M. E. Davis: "My area here is rich in Coal Mining history and I have found that many Scottish, Irish, Italian, English, Welsh and Bohemian families either settled here, or stopped here in the 1860's - 1900's."

1 Year Member


Fort Wayne Area

My experience includes over 40 years of personal research on my family in New England and New York State and of my husband's from the Midwest that includes German, French Canadian, French and Polish immigrants. I have been certified with the Board for Certification of Genealogists, Washington, DC since August of 1978 and have been a working professional researcher since that date. My client work has been in the areas of North and South East as well as the Midwest, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Iowa. The majority of my research has been at the Historical Genealogical Department of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana whose collection is considered second only to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the largest historical genealogical collection in a public library. Its Midwest collection and historical genealogical magazine collection are both considered superior to that of the Family History Library.

I charge $20 per hour and require a retainer. A retainer of $100 is suggested, but any convenient amount is acceptable. Upon receipt of my retainer my turn around time is approx. 2-3 weeks. As well as the Allen County Public Library, I will make research trips to other libraries, courthouses, cemeteries, etc., up to 200 miles from the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area, but if necessary there will be an additional charge for mileage/room. Feel free to check my website for further details on my credentials and sources available to me.

Mary Catherine Grobis, CG
2723 O'Day Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818-9729

3 Year Member

Indiana #2

Central Indiana: Hamilton and Tipton Counties


I am a genealogist with ten(10) years of experience. I specialize in Central Indiana research, primarily the counties of Hamilton and Tipton Co. Indiana. I also have extensive experience with the libraries in Fort Wayne which has an extensive genealogy collection, and also in Anderson, and Richmond Indiana.

Noblesville, IN

3 Year Member


Madison and other areas

I can assist you in researching your Kentucky ancestors. I live in Berea, (Madison County) Kentucky, which is located about 30 miles south of Lexington. I mainly work in two college libraries in the area, those being Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University. Both have excellent special collection and archive rooms. Berea College is wonderful for tracing Appalachian roots. The EKU genealogy room is probably one of the best kept secrets in family research. The Kentucky and Virginia collections are quite extensive. There is also a wealth of information concerning the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri and Indiana. I will do all, land, birth, marriage, and death records; tax lists, census reports, wills, cemetery and funeral home records...whatever your request, I will find it!
My home library is considerable, having been blessed with this gift by my grand-aunt, a working genealogist for fifty years. I have numerous books dealing with the subject of eastern Kentucky, as well as books relating to Kentucky tax records, land grants, census, tax lists, wills and land records. In reference to the state of Virginia, I own several books, to include those on Revolutionary War soldiers, marriages, and other records. My library also includes books on royal ancestry; the Magna Charta Sureties; and Charlemagne's descendants.
I will discuss photographing tombstones and buildings, as well as traveling to towns in Kentucky for library and courthouse research.
My fee is $10 per hour; it will be slightly higher if travel outside Madison County is necessary.

Email: Derinda R. Morrison

1 Year Member

MARYLAND -2 Researchers

National Archives, Washington, D.C., Maryland State Archives, Philadelphia City Archives.

Offers general research for family genealogy studies using the census, military record, and ship manifest records available through The National Archives. Fees for census, military and ship manifest searches are specified on my web site. Hourly rate is $25.00.

Research experience includes work at The National Archives, Maryland State Archives, and Philadelphia City Archives over the last three years. I also work with Family Tree Maker software and have various CD indexes pertaining to census, Social Security Death Index, births, marriages, and early military records.

Email: Michael McCullough Or

1 Year Member

Maryland #2

Maryland needs new researchers!

EXPIRED Jane Thursby Please contact me if you'd like to renew your listing


See "NEW ENGLAND" for another person specializing in this state.

Massachusetts needs a new researcher

EXPIRED Davida Mathey Please contact me if you'd like to renew your listing


Michigan Needs a New researcher!

EXPIRED Cheri to contact me to update your listing


Rhode Island

Are your roots in New England?

    Let me help you fill in the bare branches on your family tree, or perhaps find a way through that genealogical "brick wall" you're too far away to research. I can help find the documents necessary for application to lineage societies such as the Mayflower Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, etc., and get them certified, find your ancestor's graves and photograph them, find out what ship they arrived on, or even look for the house they lived in 200 years ago.
    As well as pursuing primary source research in historic town halls and courthouses, I regularly visit genealogical libraries and archives throughout New England, each of which has manuscripts and documents not to be found elsewhere. Every family's story is fascinating and a link to history.

Basic research rates $40 per hour.

Janet Hall

Member: Connecticut Society of Genealogists
New England Historical and Genealogical Society
Association of Gravestone Studies

Lifetime Member


    With over 20 years experience, it is my good fortune to spend my time providing professional family research services in connection with New Jersey records, including, but not limited to, vitals, church, cemetery, land, probate, court, etc. In addition, my services extend to house history research and problem solving.
Local relatives or old neighbors are another means of enlarging your scope of family information. With your permission, a meeting with an aunt, grandfather, or elderly friend of the family can be arranged, an interview conducted, and a report forwarded to you.
And, if you would like to broaden your knowledge by studying the historical events surrounding your ancestors, reading material can be suggested.
Contact me at:

1 year Member



   I offer full-service genealogical research in the Primary Source Records repositories within New York City. If you have a need for genealogical research in this City, I'm here to help you. I do Vital Records, Census, and City Directory searches, Will and Probate searches in all the Surrogate's Courthouses in the City, Obituary searches. I also do Cemetery research, gravesite locating and photography as well.
   I do Naturalization searches, property ownership record searches, and searches for cases of legal litigation that your ancestors might have been involved in.
No job is too small--I have no minimum contract requirements. It is my opinion that one needn't be wealthy to be able to afford some on-site genealogical help in New York City.
I'm a member of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, and I have full access to the resources of their wonderful Library....I can make these work for you, too.

My rates are reasonable, and my methods are tenacious! If there's something you need searched out, and if you cannot do it yourself at the LDS Family History Centers closest to you, send me a message--- I can access documents that simply aren't available anywhere else in genealogical libraries.

James Garrity
NYC Genealogy Research Service, Cemetery Research & Photography
Feel free to visit for more information on my services. Thank You
Vice-President for Family History and Webmaster, New York Irish History Roundtable
Member, Association of Professional Genealogists
Member, Godfrey Memorial Library,

Lifetime Member



Ohio needs a new researcher.

EXPIRED Please contact me if you'd like to renew your listing as this email is no longer working.

1 Year Member


Genealogical Researcher who specializes in research of acquiring the following:

  • Marriage Records
  • Birth / Death Records
  • Wills / Estate Records
  • Obituaries / News Items
  • Cemetery / Locator and Photos
  • Land / Deed Records
  • City Directories

    I live in Southwestern Ohio and have access to various Archive Centers and Libraries. I have been involved in research for 17+ years and have helped others break down brick walls and verify family information. I am a member of the Montgomery County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society and I provide research in the following counties: Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Miami, Preble, Darke and Warren. I travel up to the Ohio Historical in Columbus as well to obtain various death records or news items from around Ohio.
    For details of costs or additional information, please feel free to contact me.

    Ann Willsey's email:
    Ann Willsey
    2100 S. Smithville Rd. Apt A
    Kettering, OH 45420

    1 Year Member

    PENNSYLVANIA - Multiple Researchers

    For Southeastern PA see Maryland listings above


    Brian J. Ensley has found around 80 of my ancestors in the Cambria area so I can attest to his effectiveness at finding elusive ancestors! He is very good at what he does! -Kathy

    Brian J. Ensley, Researcher...
    I have been doing genealogical research for 15 years and am a member of many historical societies. I have done much volunteer research for the Somerset County Historical Society and have put out 4 books with another one due out in a few months.
    I enjoy the research as a hobby but I treat the names I research as my own with many satisfied clients who can attest. I do a little in many counties but I limit my search to Cambria and Somerset which I know the best. I try to back everything up with documents to serve as proof. I try to do my best at something that I really enjoy.
    Brians Email
    Brian J. Ensley
    408 Manges St.
    Central City, PA 15926

    Lifetime member

    Research assistance in Pennsylvania and all states!

        I am a professional genealogist with 30+ years in research and compilation of family data. In addition, I have 9+ years of experience specializing in Internet research and document retrieval utilizing census records; military records; social security death index; birth, marriage and death records; immigration records; and cemetery records, just to name a few.

    My fees are reasonable but will vary depending on your needs. Please visit my website: , for detailed instructions and current fee schedule or feel free to email me.

    Janice Trumbell
    1425 S. 16th St.
    Centerville, IA 52544
    E-mail: jtrumbell@ancestralcrossings.Com
    Web site: www.ancestralcrossings.Com

    Lifetime Member


    See "NEW ENGLAND" for a second person specializing in this state.

    All of Rhode Island

       I would love to help you learn more about your immigrant ancestors who settled in Rhode Island. I have fifteen years experience in researching immigrants, especially Italians, Irish, English, and French Canadians who arrived in the 19th and 20th centuries. I offer a full range of services, from simple document retrieval for those who cannot travel to Rhode Island or find what they need by mail, to multi-generational family histories. I also offer photography of tombstones, ancestral homes, churches and places of employment. I regularly search all relevant church and civil records both in the U.S.A. and in the immigrants' country of origin, and travel frequently to RI and MA State Archives, NARA in Waltham, MA and Pittsfield, MA, RI City and Town Halls, Historical Society Libraries, and LDS Family History Centers. I belong to the Association of Professional Genealogists, the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Italian Genealogical Society of America, the American French Genealogical Society and the Rhode Island Historical Society.

       My fees are $20 per hour for research, plus some expenses.

       For more information, contact me by e-mail at:

    1 year member


    EXPIRED Sarah G. Rodgers, please contact me to renew your listing.

    Virginia needs a new researcher.

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