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Check out some of the great gifts for dogs, and dog lovers. The BUY buttons will take you to a page with more information about the product, and THEN give you the option whether to buy or not. Your order doesn't go through by JUST hitting the BUY button...don't worry if you want to browse around a bit, have fun shopping!

Great family gift for those with dogs!

Funny Doormats Funny Doormats

These hilarious doormats are made from 100% Olefin Indoor/Outdoor Carpet, bound with stitched edges for long-lasting enjoyment. Mats are 18" x 27" printed with durable, colorfast inks.

Super Pet Swiss Cheese Wooden Chew Super Pet Swiss Cheese Wooden Chew

The colorful Swiss Cheese Wooden Chew satisfies the need for your small pet to chew. Made with natural hardwood and USDA approved vegetable food coloring these wooden toys are super sized and last longer than other wooden chews.

6oz Vitakraft Chicken Rounds 6oz Vitakraft Chicken Rounds

Chicken Rounds are an appealing snack for all dogs. These tasty treats are baked with protein-rich chicken surrounded by a crunchy biscuit. Perfect to complement your dog's regular diet or any time as a special treat.

Dog Bone Ice Cube Trays Dog Bone Ice Cube Trays

The perfect item for your ice chest, a summer evening on the porch and outdoor dog events. Ice cubes in the shape of Dog Bones.

Smokehouse Favorites Natural Dog Snacks Smokehouse Favorites Natural Dog Snacks

No bones about it - dogs love the smell of bacon! We get that smokehouse bacon flavor (without all the extra sodium, nitrates, and animal fat) from vegetarian bacon bits. Your dog will go hog wild.

Dispoz-A-Scoop Dispoz-A-Scoop

Dispoz-A-Scoop bio-degradeable scoopers provide unmatched convenience and ease of use. No more messy shovels, newspaper, or plastic bags. Simply scoop waste, then press scooper against the ground to seal for odor-free disposal. No hassle...nothing else to do. Environment friendly.

Abby's Milk-N-Cookies Abby's Milk-N-Cookies

Everyone loves sitting down to a cold glass of milk and a favorite cookie. Well you can treat your dog the same way with Abby's Milk-N-Cookies. Each cookie is made with healthy ingredients - whole wheat flour fresh eggs water non fat milk vanilla and vegetable shortening to make a treat that's nutritious and flavorful.

Abby's Peanut Butter Shnoodles Abby's Peanut Butter Shnoodles

It's no secret... dogs love peanut butter! Treat them with something they love - a Peanut Butter Shnoodle. These bite sized treats are made with whole wheat flour enriched flour peanut butter fresh eggs non fat milk water pure vanilla vegetable shortening oatmeal and honey.

16oz 8 In 1 No Stain 16oz 8 In 1 No Stain

Professional strength pet stain and odor remover safely removes pet urine stains and odors from carpets furniture linoleum and tile.

8oz PPP After Bath Spray Conditioner/Dry Skin Treatment 8oz PPP After Bath Spray Conditioner/Dry Skin Treatment

An easy spray-on coat conditioner that's ideal for dry skin. Nourishes the skin and coat with essential fatty acids and soothing natural oatmeal extract. For tangle-free anti-static and easy comb-outs spray on liberally. Leaves a clean fresh fragrance. For dogs cats puppies and kittens.

8 White Rawhide Bone 8 White Rawhide Bone

These white rawhide bones are made from beef cattle hide and are easily digestible.

More gift ideas for your pet, or a loved one, friend, co-worker with pets:

Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine

This is a gas! It's a working gumball machine (uses treats, not gumballs) that has been specially designed so dogs can work it themselves.

GoDogGo Ball Launcher GoDogGo Ball Launcher

If you've got a "ball dog" at home this is the perfect toy for your dog...and you too. The GoDogGo launches tennisballs 15 to 35 feet (it's adjustable). You or your dog put 1 to 15 tennisballs in the bucket, you set the timer to launch each ball in 7, 10, 13, or 15 second intervals and then watch your dog have a ball (so to speak)! This a very cool toy!! You can plug it into a nearby wall or run it off battery power (requires 6 "D" batteries if no plugin nearby). The GoDogGo stands 18" tall and weighs 7.5 pounds. The GoDogGo Canine Activity Sport comes with a limited one year warranty.

Dog Related Cookie Cutters Dog Related Cookie Cutters

These solid copper cookie cutters are useful and beautiful. Use them to create cookies for yourself or your dogs. They can be used to cut sheet cakes too. Or just display them! Each cookie cutter is made by hand (usually by stay-at-home moms) using 1 inch wide copper strips. No two are exactly alike. Available in Dog Bones, Fire Hydrant, Dog House and a Pawprint.

Loving Touch - The Art of Pet Massage Loving Touch - The Art of Pet Massage

Now you can learn the massage therapy techniques that can enhance the quality of your pet's life with the Art of Pet Massage Therapy videotape. This brief, but informative introduction to the art of pet massage is an upbeat and informative look at how you can begin to make a deeper and more lasting bond with your pet. Owners have reported consistently positive effects as a result of using these methods only once a week.

Buster Cube Buster Cube

Load your dogs favorite treats into it, then put it on the floor and watch them go after it. When they roll it just the right way, surprise, treats! It's fun for your dog and you. This is an excellent brain toy. It can also help reduce behavioral problems by giving your dog something fun to do.

Chicken Pot Pie Natural Dog Snacks Chicken Pot Pie Natural Dog Snacks

Why did the dog cross the road? To get to the Chicken Pot Pie of course! For authentic chicken flavor without potentially harmful chemicals, we bake with all-natural vegetarian chicken stock. To round out this cookie, we also added Vitamin E, Pacific Sea Kelp, organically grown flax seeds, and other natural ingredients to maintain your dog's health and well being. features: "Toys-by Breed" selected especially for your breed of dog.


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A portion of revenue from advertisers above will be donated to the local humane society, who have been working in the red for 3 months due to vet bills for the animals in their care. If you're going to buy gifts or supplies for animals, please choose to use the links on this page and help this no-time-limit shelter. They keep animals, as long as theyre not too sick to live, for as long as it takes to find them a forever family. This will be my Christmas gift to them.

To donate to them directly go to: Their Contact page for the address.

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