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FISH & Other Critters!


fish bubbles
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We also have a hermit crab, 2 cory cats, around 10 guppies, an upside-down catfish and a Beta. No, not all in the same tank! But eventually I'd like to get a large salt water aquarium going, or at least a 10 gallon for a small puffer fish. I love anything aquatic, I collect dolphins, and my bedroom and bathroom both have a nautical theme.

Here's some great sites for fish lovers:

  • MOPy Fish No room for a real tank? Here's a downloadable "real" fish that you feed and play with. Mine is named Fish Stick!
  • Excellent site, find whatever you want to know about 203 types of fish.
  • Fish Link Central Guide to aquarium resources on the net.
  • Fish Forums Fish Message boards.
  • Aquatica Waterworlds Virtual Aquarium Fish Tank Screen Saver Free to try, but with the paid version you get...talking fish!
  • Water Art Borders a few nice borders for your web pages.
  • Dolphin Encounters Swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas! My dream vacation.


  • Click here for a great selection of chinchilla items.
  • Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue, in Steger IL, just outside Chicago.
  • Guinea Pig Info lots of resources listed.
  • Guinea Pig Adoptions & Rescue with classified to find or place a piggie
  • Hamsters Galore
  • All About Dwarf Hamsters
  • Retro Hamsters Very nice site with some great tips.
  • Products for your pet hamsters & guinea pigs
  • About Ferrets
  • Ferret Central
  • Ferret Organizations & Shelters
  • Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue
  • Ferret Rescue & Education Society In Canada
  • Dookie's House Ferret Rescue in Florida
  • Ferret Treats and Toys And with Free Shipping Too!
  • 12 Days of Bunny Christmas

    OTHER CRITTERS & General Pet Resources:

  • Birds Available to Adopt Petfinder has many birds in rescue organizations, MUCH cheaper than petshops and you'll be helping a homeless bird.
  • American Hermit Crab Club Yes, people "register" hermit crabs.
  • over 25,000 hotels, B&Bs, ski resorts, campgrounds, and beaches that are pet-friendly.
  • Healthy Pet American Animal Hospital Association, an organization of more than 25,000 veterinary care providers
  • Pets 4 You resource website for all Pet Breeders, every breed of Dog, Cat, Reptile, Bird, Horse, Rabbit, Farm Animal.
  • Pets in Need Private No-Kill Adoption Center Serving the Peninsula & Silicon Valley
  • Pet Tips from Pets in Need, lots of GREAT pet articles.
  • Pets with Diabetes
  • Animal Jobs
  • FREE Zoobooks Issue and Tiger Poster!


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