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This was my Bonkers

I don't have any cats at the moment. I had a cat, Bonkers, that I adopted from the Hobart Humane Society about 13 years ago, but she passed away last year. She was a very big orange long-hair, about 5 yrs old when I got her, and knew how to sit, and "sit pretty"! She was a GREAT cat. If I ever get another cat I want it to be a big fat cat, as I prefer those to the crazy curtain climbers, which are fun too, just too crazy for me. I'm more of a big fat Kat myself!

Before we get to the fun links, check out information on spaying or neutering your pets. Too many animals end up in shelters, or dead, just because their owners didn't get them fixed, or their offspring have more and more and more. I know it's expensive, but there are programs that will assist you with the cost, and in some areas it's close to nothing ($10-$20), which is less than the food for a litter you might end up with! If you are just dying for new little puppies, adopt one, there are so many little babies already homeless that need you.
"It's not a virus and it's not a bacterium, but it is responsible for the deaths of millions of animals annually...overpopulation." -ASPCA

  • Spay and Neuter Information
  • What is spaying and neutering? Tells just what happens, what will change in your pet, what health problems will be avoided by having it done, etc.
  • Responsible Pet Ownership Spaying & Neutering
    Low-cost Programs: Note: "Friends of Animals" is listed at $75 for a female dog, which I know is about what my vet runs "regular" price. Check others, and call your vet first, for cheaper pricing.
  • Low Cost Spay & Neuter Programs by State
  • Low-cost or Free spay-neuter programs in US for Cats
  • SpayUSA nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services.
  • Low Cost Spay-Neuter Programs - Chicago Area
  • Paws Online- Low cost S/N programs
  • Lost cost or free spay/neuter programs from

    Play with the Cyber Kitty!

    RESCUES: More coming soon!

  • A Cause For Paws Rescue & Adoption in NYC
  • Siamese Rescue
  • Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto Canada
  • Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue Northern California & San Francisco Bay Area, and they don't ship cats
  • Street Cat Rescue Ferals are the product of human irresponsibility.
  • Feline Rescue With LOTS of other info on cats!

    Here's some links for cat lovers and fanciers:

  • Cat Fanciers Association
  • Basic Cat Care & Maintenance
  • Cat supplies from The Ferret Store? Well of course!
  • Fluffy Cats information to cat-seekers (is there such a word?!?!) and also cat-lovers
  • Veterinary info for Cats
  • Scootz -The calico cat site also has cat clip art and graphics.
  • Catwhiskas Place
  • Cat Horoscopes
  • The Cat Cottage
  • KittyCatFurBalls really cute site.
  • Beware the Cat Free Cat Graphics, and find other useful cat resources!
  • Cats'n'Kittens Cat information, pictures, free graphics and much more!
  • Zoobooks - The #1 Kids Magazine about Animals!

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    For genealogy (of humans) check out Firstmom's Genealogy Resources and Records

    A portion of revenue from advertisers above will be donated to area rescues, shelters, and humane societies. If you're going to buy gifts or supplies for animals, please use the links on this page and help feed homeless animals in the Northwest Indiana area.

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